Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday at the Golden Corral

Hello,This will be a short entry today.Went to bed at 5:30am and slept til around 3pm.When my feet hit the floor , it was the usual feed the cats,take my meds and check my phone messages.Not sure if it was mentioned but last week I went to Wendy's for dinner.When I go,which is not that often,I usual get a few meals.That is what I did last Tuesday night as well.The food was cold,burnt and just plain stunk.It was not the first time that the food was bad from this particular location.I actual remembered to write an email explaining my experience and the others like it in the past to the Wendy's corporate offices.Today the area manager called me to apologise and offer to replace the entire order.Good deal considering that my order was over $18 and four meals for me.So guess what I am having for dinner tomorrow night.Tonight, Gary and I went to the golden corral for dinner.It was good and with a drink my meal was around $14 for all you can eat.Ate a good bit but surprisingly did not over do it, which is what usually happens.It was nice to just get out for a while anyway. Did not get a chance to book anymore appointments for tomorrow but its OK.Frank said today's appointments were not to great but it is a numbers game.Well that's all I got for you today.See you tomorrow....

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