Sunday, June 13, 2010

Still June and Enjoying It

Hello to the few out there that will read this page.First I want to start out by saying a big Thank You to those of you that left me a comment in previous posts.It is about 1:20 Am on Monday morning, and my fingers just started typing.Tonight is the big night for me, front row seats to Monday Night Raw.For those interested it is a WWE wrestling show on at 9pm E.S.T. on the USA channel.Check your local listings to see what time it comes on in your area.I will be wearing a black and grey jersey style shirt.I will be a big guy next to a much bigger guy(Hibbie).

On Tuesday the 8th, Hibbie and I went to the Riverbank Zoo in Columbia,SC.

This bird's eyes are mesmerizing. Here is me in the Kangaroo WalkAnybody want to pet the Kitty-Cat?

Mike the Gorilla

Mike the Gorilla was my favorite animal of the day.He would run up and drum on the glass right in front of me .Everyone laughed, he was quite a ham.You could tell he enjoyed people and looked like he was smiling all of the time.We had a great time and I walked for 5 hours with my cane.I sat down occasionally but took extra pain meds and slept like a champ that night.

On Wednesday Camping World was suppose to have my travel trailer ready to go but it was not ready.As a comprimise they paid my hotel cost for the night.Actually it was not a bad thing because I was still sore and tired from the zoo.Thursday they still were not done but I just told them to finish up some basic things so I could go.So at around noon I headed north to Charlotte.NC.Mcdowell Nature Preserve was the destination.After owning my trailer for 3 1/2 years I finally made my first solo camping trp.It was a big deal for me after going through all the medical crap that I have and still deal with.Here are a couple pictures of my campsite.

It might not look like art but it is beauty to my eyes.So many days and nights I dreamed of buying my grill, chairs,tables,and all the other great stuff that goes into this lifestyle.

The weather has been really hot and rainy so I have not gotten to do much in the park yet.Tuesday I plan on going through the park and taking some pictures to share with you.Soon it will be time to travel south to Florida and go home again.Just writing that brings stress to my head and body.It will be nice to see Scott and other family members.If I drive the trailer down with me, I will go through all my stuff in my house.Then pack the trailer with whatever I am going to keep,sell what I can sell and trash the rest.Well time to try and lay down.See ya next time.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Already!

Hello to the few that will read this monthly installment of "WATCHDAVETRAVEL".Included are some pictures of where I have been staying for the last two months.This is a recap of the month of May 2010.I did not do alot in the way of traveling but it was a pretty good month anyway.Spending time with my best friend and his family has been fun. It is interesting to see how a healthier family interacts.They actually encourage each other with no hidden agenda.I'm not putting down my family,but we are a bunch of individuals that get together for holidays.My step brother Scott and I have a very special relationship.
All of the stuff I ordered came in and is being used.Ordered were a Samsung 55" LED 3D TV with 3D Bluray and surround sound.I also got 2 Sea Eagle boats. A one man fishing frameless pontoon and a motormount for up to 1200 pounds.I took the one man out on Lake Murray last week and caught one fish.Using just the oars instead of the trolling motor it was fun, painful and exhausting.Next time the motor will be cranking, for sure.But, I got a great tan, lots of exercise and it was just beautiful out on the lake.The TV system is fantastic and will be used for a long time to come.
This week the trailer goes to Camping World to get some maintenance and upgrades added on.I will drop it off on Sunday.Then I will check in to a hotel for 3 days in Columbia,SC.The new TV will remain at my friends house until Tuesday night.On Wednesday I pick up the trailer from camping world and head north to Charlotte, NC.I am staying at a park for a week in the area.I will fill you in on the details in my next writing.Amongst other things on the following Monday the 14th Hibbie will drive up and we will go to WWE RAW.I mentioned it last writing that we have front row seats.I am very excited as this will be my first time in the front row.The only thing that I am not looking forward to is my friend Hibbie is a really big guy and I am big too.I have to figure out a way to say"I did not pay all this money for my seat to have you take up half of it". I will mention it in a nice way and tell him to squish the person on the other side of him.Crappie conversation but I would rather say it then be uncomfortable.I just hope there is a kid or smaller person on my other side.
We did get a few days of rain that left me hurting but for the most part I have been feeling OK.Not good still always in pain but OK.I do not think that I will be able to ever workamp.Some days no matter what I could not work.I guess the only way I could workamp is to have a very flexible schedule.I plan on heading home on the 22nd or 23rd and clearing out my house.I'm not sure if I will stay till my cruise in September.Oh! By the way, I am going on a cruise on the fourth of September for a week.The Carnival Dream is the ship.We are going to Belize, Honduras, Playa de Maya, & Cozumel.Never have been to any of these ports.I'm going with my buddy Hibbie,Dad & Sheila,sister Joy& BIL Mike & nephew Brandon.This time just Hibbie and I will share a room.I got a handicap room and will use a wheel chair most of the time.On the 3 day cruise last year I was to overtired and in too much pain using my cane.

Here are the pictures of my friends house and property:
Front of Driveway
You can see my Trailer on the far left side
View from my back window
Front of House
Sailboats and Tool Barn
Another Tool Barn
Open area on property
Front of House, Back of Trailer
The front porch of my trailer- 2 boats blown up
Back Parking
Backside of House
Front of Trailer