Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday at home

Hello,Another day is now over and it is time to write about it.Well some good stuff to report.First as promised yesterday, the phone calls got made today.Ended up setting three new appointments, so that is a good work day.About 2pm it was time for the daily trip to CVS.On my way back the guy named Manny called me from the home sales office.Not even ten minutes after I got home from CVS he knocked on the door.He came in asked some questions and looked around.We discussed price and he let me know what amount I could sell it quickly for.It was more then Phil was going to pay me and if the buyer is interested in the appliances I can charge them separate for them.It would be nice if the buyer also wants my 65 inch HD TV.It would save me placing an add in the paper.It was nice to get a ballpark figure and now we will see what happens.Manny said that he has a couple people in mind already that asked for a doublewide.The soonest that I would be able to move out would be September first.Since I will pay the lot rent for august, it makes sense to give myself time to throw away and sell everything not coming with me.Still have not heard anything from Phil and so not think it will happen.Give people a chance and they will expose there true colors.Well good for him he screwed me out of at least $1,000.Who knows what else he might have stolen from me without my knowledge.OH WELL YOU LIVE AND LEARN.Got to look forward, that is where my goal is in the future not behind me.Not much of anything else happened today and tonight I will watch WWE Raw on TV.See you around the bend......

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