Saturday, July 4, 2009

This was not a Fun Friday

I am writing this a day late.This is the post for July 3, 2009.The day of my mother's funeral.Did not really sleep much, so the day started out early.I left my house at around 10:30am to go to my sister's house.I got there and took my pain medication.Sheila was bringing me a ironed shirt and pants to wear today.She brought me pants 4 sizes to big without a belt loop and a shirt one size to small.But, I only had to wear it for a couple of hours, so it was not that big of a deal.Just a pain in the ass for a while.
My sisters and I had to go early at around one to sign some papers at the cemetery.By the time we were done in the office people were starting to arrive for the service.Everyone got there and the service began.We all had prepared our own things to say to our mother.Joy went,then Donna,and then I went.After that the grandchildren, and great grandchild spoke to their grand mom.For what it was it was nice.No major problems at all.It was really hot out and everyone was crying.
After the service we all went to my sister;s house for catered food and to spend tine together.I really did not feel like hanging out at first but after a while I was able to hang out.My sister let me take home a bunch of food and I drove home to be alone.I was real burnt out from the day, so just watched the movie The Karate Kid and went to bed.Short journal entry but I can only say so much about today.See you tomorrow......

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