Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tu Tu Tuesday

Hello.It was not a bad day at all.I fact it border on being a good day.I made my calls and set four appointments.So that was a good start to the day.After that I had to make a run to CVS,the bank and Blockbuster.At the bank I deposited every cent that I have, so no more backup or emergency money.That doesn't cause me any stress at all.Supposedly, and I stress Supposedly I am suppose to get money from Phil tomorrow.We are also, suppose to talk about him buying my place.You might have picked up that I'm not holding my breath.We will see what happens tomorrow.It would not be a surprise if I have to listen to some other excuse.I am so sick of it and wish the money was not needed as bad as it is to survive.Tonight my plans include watching the MLB ALLSTAR GAME and stopping in the chat room for a while to visit my friends.

L decided to learn more about the practices of ZEN Buddhism.I do not care for any religious aspects just the concept of practicing mindfulness.Learning to live with less and getting more on focusing on the less.I have a bad habit of trying to do to much, to the point that I'm rushing through life.It causes me stress and anxiety that I do not need.Focusing on doing a few tasks and being there giving 100% of my attention is where I need to end up.If I can accomplish this one little thing I believe it will vastly effect the wholeness of my life.Instead of just enjoying the places I will go , I will also enjoy the drive.Stopping to smell the roses and only concentrating on the smell of the rose.Well we will see how that works out.....

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