Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting Better

Hello,It has been a long week of not feeling great.Sleeping countless hours and taking antibiotics.I had a lympe node infection.Sunday was my niece Brittani's wedding and although the event was nice, it was a very rough day for me.Not for the reason of missing football either.I just felt very weak all day.Not helped by the fact that I had to drive an hour to the wedding hang out all day and drive home an hour without any pain medicine.I was a ball of sweat by the end of the day.When I got home after midnight and took my meds I slept all day til after 5pm.If it was not for the fact that UPS knocked on my door for a deliver, I might still be sleeping.

My Great nephew Christoper and I

The bride Brittani and I

You can see in this picture it was the end of the night and I was a sweaty mess.But I am glad that I was there even after all my complaining and pain.Brittani never asks me for anything so it was nice to be there.My Dolphins lost again in a game they dominated, such is life.I am going to try to get on the chat line tonight.Hope to see you.Til next time.....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Where in September

Hello,Once again it has been a while since I have written. Tomorrow the 16th is my appointment with the surgeon to check out this lump underneath my right arm.I have been thinking about it non stop since my last doctors appointment.Yesterday's death of Patrick Swayze hit me hard.Not just because I liked him as an actor but he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer around the same time as my Mom was.So for whatever reason it made me relive her death over again last night.I had some really horrible dreams that shook me last night.I still do not feel well and have been sleeping too much.My calls for Frank have been put on hold.I have tried and even set a few appointments but I just am not into it mentally and rather then waste leads I am putting it on the back burner until after my appointment tomorrow.

On Sunday my niece Brittani is getting married to her long time boyfriend Darren.So I had to try on my suit that I only wore once three years ago.It is snug but it will have to do for the couple hours that I will wear it.I paid over $500 for it so it is nice that I will get to use it again.It is a good thing that I lost a little weight last time at the doctors.I will make sure I take some pictures of me and my family, to post on this journal at the wedding.Talking about pictures here are a couple from Tucson finally.

My Cousin Cory

Sorry the next 2 pics came out sideways:

Cory's Husband Jerry

Jerry's son Conner

Cory and Jerry's son

Shot from campground near Cory's House

Sorry it took me so long it seems like everything that I do is a struggle these days.On this past Saturday I did go to my sister Joy's house for the day.It would have been my mother's 66th birthday, so she invited my sister Donna and my Dad up for the day.I slept so late that by the time I got there I missed Donna. But I was able to go see my nephew Brandon play his football game and have a nice time visiting with my Dad.On Sunday it was all about the first week of the NFL season.My Dolphins looked terrible but there were enough good games to still make it an enjoyable day relaxing.My Sunday football days are my favorite days of the year and I am not all that happy I have to give one up even for a wedding.But at least the Dolphins play next Monday night so I wont miss there game.Many think it selfish or strange that Sunday NFL football means so much to me but there are very few things that I can do that make me fully happy.It would have been a tough call if the Dolphins were playing on Sunday but as luck would have it I do not need to make that call.Going to a church on a NFL Sunday for any reason is a bad day to me.I am against religion and not a big fan of marriage.But my niece Brittani never asks me for anything and I am glad that I can be there for her, on her big day.Like the event or location or not, it is for her.I know I am crazy but I only get a certain number of football Sundays a year and they mean a great deal to me.Any way I will see you next time I write......

Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday and Still Sleeping

Hello, Today I slept till 4:30pm. After that I took a ride to CVS to pick up my prescriptions that I dropped off yesterday.On the way home I stopped by Scott's house.He had called me to invite me to a barbecue and visit with some friends.I ate some chicken and hung out for about an hour or so.I was not feeling that great so I said my good byes and headed back home.I jumped on the chat line for a little while and watched the Miami vs FSU game.Tomorrow is all about work,blockbuster and finding a surgeon.I will see you then.....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Sleeping

Hello, Another exciting day for me.I woke up at 6:30 am, for some reason or another.Most likely because I slept so much yesterday.I did at least get to CVS to drop off my prescriptions from my doctors visit on Friday.I grabbed Wendy's and came home to watch a movie,I know Wendy's is not the healthiest choice but it was quick,easy and good.I watched the movie The Line with Ray Liotta and Andy Garcia.It was OK nothing to rush out to get, but it was not a total stinker.After the movie,I went to lay down and slept until 11pm.I am really kinda nervous, I never sleep this much or am this tired all the time.Well just going to watch the last few laps of the race and check today's sports scores then go back to bed.See you tomorrow....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sleep and College Football

Hello,I slept til about 11 am today.Woke up tired and felt that way all day.I walked over to Gary's a couple of times but most of the day I watched college football.My new electric bill was only $160, which compared to my $550 bill last month was welcomed news.I got on the chat line for about an hour or so this evening. Sorry not much to report.See ya later ......

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dr. On Friday

Hello, Another week down the drain and it ended with just great news.I have had a pain and lump under my right arm for a couple of weeks.I have also not been feeling well, just really tired all the time.My doctor said it is a tumor I have to have a biopsy on it to find out if it cancer or not.Unfortunately, many of the signs that I have been exhibiting are not good. When I got back from the appointment, I stopped at blockbuster get a couple of movies.After getting home from my 51/2 hour venture ,it was time to sleep and sleep I did.I slept the rest of the day till after 11pm,Got up to go to a 24 hour CVS , which is no longer 24 hours.So I stopped and got a grilled stuffed burrito at taco bell.Now I am writing and watching that 70's show.Well tomorrow is another day,Oh boy!!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Over 2 Inches of Rain on Thursday

Hello,Rained all day today,it was hard and loud every minute it seemed like on this Thursday in September.The only time I ventured out was to go to McDonald's to get the buy one big mac get the second for a quarter.It is about the only time that I eat at Micky Dees.I was doing my budget for full timing and I came to the conclusion that I can live well on $1900 a month.I will display it later on when I am on the road.I did throw away alot of stuff in the house to get rid of, to get it closer to selling.I talked to Manny, he confirmed that October and November are great sales months for mobile homes.De was telling me that almost nothing sells in August and September.So my plan is to have the house ready for October.I watched the first regular season college football game tonight so that was a thrill for me.It is soooooo great that football season is here again.I will see you tomorrow.....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Second Day of September

Hello, Well yesterday there was not a hot bed of action taking place. In fact the only thing that I did of any significant was to call the police on Phil finally.Although I can not legally prove that he stole my meds and dvd's there is hope in tracking my handicap parking pass.It seems clear that he took my pass and so if it to the lady that he was living with while kicked out of his house from his wife.If the pass is found in this lady's possession it is a misdemeanor for her and him.So I can only hope that it is found and they both get what they deserve.The policeman that came out to file out the report was very nice.The main reason for filing out the report was for me to have a case number to bring to the DMV, so that I can get a replacement pass to replace the stolen one.So much excitement in my life. I waited so long because the piece of pupu that Phil turned out to be threatened to lie to the police and say that I was selling my pills rather then that he took them.

Today I do not feel well at all it is raining real bad so the pressure must be high and boy do I feel it.I slept solid all night an woke up like I did not sleep at all.I have a call in to Patricia, who is the owner of the South Bend,Indiana KOA that I will be workamping at next May.Her and her husband were discussing different ways to use me for the season.Hopefully she will call back while I am still writing so I can update all of you on the plan for my first workamping experience.Of course I was suppose to be there working this year but those darn medical issues blocked my fun.Plus, I did not sell my place so I still had an anchor around my neck.Looking at workamper news magazine there are a plethora of choices for the summer but for some reason or another I keep getting pulled to Granger,Indiana.I have no ties what so ever to the area, but I think it's close proximity to Chicago draws me to the area.Also, seeing a football game at Notre Dame is near the top of my bucket list.Seeing the Cubs play at Wrigley field and going to a Packers game at lambeau field are high on the bucket list as well.This location in Indiana offers access to so many great places.It is a couple hours away from Indianapolis, so the 500 and the brickyard are within reach.Cincinnati Oh is only a little further down the road to go see a Bengals or reds game.Michigan is only a couple miles a way and Detroit is a few hours a way to see a Lions,Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons Game.Then Cleveland is a little further to see the rock and roll hall of fame, a Browns,Indians,Cavs game.Then Canton Oh has the NFL hall of fame, which for any NFL fan is the holy grail. I mentioned seeing a Cubs game in Chicago but there is also the Bears, White Sox,Bulls, and Blackhawks.That is just the sports in the area there is so much American history and beauty to be found as well. And I intend to find it too. Well I have not heard back from Patricia yet , but when she calls I will include the conversation in tomorrow's log.Till then my friends.....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A New Month A New Beginning

Hello, Well it is about 5am here on the east coast and I figured it is about time to write.I have been slacking big time in my journal writing.There are many excuses I can use but the truth is I just was not up to it.My hope and goal is to get back in the habit of writing at least a little bit every day once again.Baby steps, here is day one, so this is one day in a row.It is funny I fell so far behind on reading others journals as well.Which is something that is so enjoyable to me.It is time to get back on the saddle again and know whats going on in all of my friends lives.I am so sorry for falling behind, in the first place.When i get stressed out it seems to shut down my entire being.The electric bill last month and everything that has transpired the last couple of month kicked my backside.Thank all of you for being patient with me and staying tuned.

Yesterday was actually a pretty good day for me.I was able to get many things accomplished that needed to be be done.I got an advance from Frank to pay that monster of an electric bill.Then I went to the post office to mail in my $100 rebate from Verizon from my new phone.I also went and got revolution for my cats to keep the fleas away.Spoke to the attorney in charge of my Mom's estate and everything is on schedule for December.I did not have a good day on the phones booking appointments but I think I was just tired from running around.I also finally got my mail, which has not been done in a while.It might not sound like to much but for me it was an extremely busy day.I also moved my doctors appointment to Friday morning. I am not looking forward to that one at all.I;m afraid that he is going to find something else wrong with me.Something is not right with me feeling this tired all the time and having these major headaches.We will see what he says on Friday but I will see you all tomorrow.......