Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday with Steve

Hello,Well once again sleep did not begin till the early morning hours.This time I was hanging out with my nephew Steve.It was nice visiting with him for the night.Yesterday,I pointed out some of Steve's less the good qualities.Today I need to tell you that he really does have a good heart but just needs direction.At his age, he needs to find it sooner rather then later.Not that he is old a 25, at all but he really needs a purpose to motivate him.Anyway just my opinion and who am I to talk.I am a handicap poor person, hardly making my own bills at 37 years old.I do love and care about Steve very much.Woke up at around 3pm and watched the Yankees game with Steve.We got hit with another severe thunderstorm, so he hung out at my place til after 6pm.After writing this I will go to Gary's for a while and maybe get on the chatline later.I will without a doubt be making my phone calls at 10 am tomorrow morning and every day this week.No more slacking or missing time.The money is badly needed in these parts.See you at the start of a new week....

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