Saturday, July 11, 2009

Forgot About Friday

Hello,For some reason I forgot all about posting yesterday.Twenty lashes with a wet noodle for me as my punishment.Well you did not miss to much I promise you that.Did not get any appointments from my phone calls.It is weird some days I will get two in a half hour and some I can call for four hours straight and not get one.Oh well such is life as they say.Had trouble sleeping once again so I tried to lay back down, which was pretty much a waste of time.Went over to Gary's house for a couple hours in the early evening.I did get a chance to write Howard and Linda a personal e-mail sharing my feelings with them.Even though I do not know them personally,I really love them alot.I feel the same about several of my friends from the chat room.It is important to me to mention things like this when I can, because when I'm feeling down the focus is about me and my dislike for myself.I am not exactly whistling Dixie but there is a chance things will work out.I was suppose to sit down and talk to Phil face to face last night,it was his idea.But, around 9 -930 last night I sent him a text saying "Boy I'm glad I did not make any plans tonight so you and I could hang out and talk".He wrote me back saying sorry ended up watching kids, sorry should have called.Which no big deal he has alot of shit going on right now as well.I still have not found the missing stuff but he swears he did not take it and I care more about selling my place then any of that anyway.Dealing with Phil is very tiring because you can never get a straight answer.Any way not much else to report of any interest.See you tomorrow (well really later today).....

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