Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday went for a Swim

Hello,I did not feel like writing yesterday so here is the excitement that is my life,Woke up around noon after not really being able to sleep well.Could not fall a sleep and then decided to lie there tossing and turn all morning.I just sat around staring into space for most of the afternoon.I did return a couple of phone calls.Sheila and my Dad both called to check on me, to see if I was all right.Of course I lied and said that I was fine.Scott also called and when we talked he invited me over to go swimming.He has a beautiful pool and hot tub in his backyard.He put it in about a year ago.I will take pictures some time in the future.

About 5pm I went over Scott's to go swimming.He live 3 miles down the road from me,depending on if you get the lights it takes 5 to 15 minute to get there.When I left my house the sun was shinning and it was somewhere in the 90's.So as I am driving it is dark as hell over his house.I get there and 5 minutes later it is a storm from hell.It lasted about an hour.By that time Scott really did not feel like swimming.He went in basically to clean the pool instead of hanging out,It was not like I expected him to have the magic words to make me feel better but it was like pulling teeth talking to him yesterday.He is usually a great person to talk to but it was like he did not want to talk to me about my mom or my life yesterday.He has alot of dislike for my mom because of the way she fucked me up as a kid.We met when I was 15 and knows first hand the mistreatment that I went through.I think that he thought that I was going to ask him for financial help,(which I was not)during our conversation.He has done alot for me in the past but in all that help I have never asked him for a dime.But he has willingly helped me. on his own.He made the statement to me at the end of the night that things were tight for him right now.Which was another indication that he thought that I was there to ask for help.I was only there for emotional help which I did not recieve at all.
I got home a little after 9pm from Scott's house.I was feeling real down so I thought that I would try to lose myself in a movie.I had rented the action movie 12 Rounds from blockbuster.It was actually a very good action movie.It starred professional wrestler John Cena , who played a city cop.If you like action movies you will like this one, for sure.The W.W.E. has made a few movies now and the first couple were stinkers but the last two were OK and this one was good.After that I watched some TV, highlighted by The Honeymooners at 1am on WGN.I love that show so much. I have seen them all a million times but still love it.At 2am I tried to go to bed but could not.So I finally got up and watched TV til around 7 or 8am.Well I will start the Monday post now see you then....

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