Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not the Greatest Tuesday!

Hello,Today was a not feeling so well day.I did not get out of my bed for the day until about 4:30 pm.I called to leave a message for Manny so, maybe I'll hear from him tomorrow.My brother Scott called me today.He informed me that his friend Mark is in the hospital with liver cancer.Mark you might remember is the guy that fixed my AC the first time without charging me a penny.Scott.who is usually really strong is very scared and upset about Mark.I am as well. He has always been very giving and helpful to me.I did not feel well enough to make calls today.Maybe whatever made me feel like this today is what was effecting me yesterday as well.I did go over to Gary's for an hour, just to get out of the house.After that came home and got in the chat room.Now just finishing this til tomorrow ....

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