Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some Sunday!

Hello,After not going to sleep until about 1pm today I crashed til about 5:30pm.Woke up and my power was off.Luckily Gary called my cell to ask if my electric was off too.So we decided to go to a neighborhood bar/restaurant named Bruz room.It is named after an ex Miami Dolphin named Bob Bruzinski.I had a coupon buy one meal get one free.So he knows that I'm broke and did not mind me using the coupon because it doesn't cost him any extra.I still spent $17 between us splitting an appetiser,my soda, and a nice tip for a job well done.The combo meal had a couple wings ,onion rings two big mozzarella triangles and two big chicken tenders.Then Gary got this fried seafood platter and I got the ribs that were on sale.They were OK but glad they were free after my coupon.We stayed a couple of hours thinking the electric would be back on when we got back home.Guess what, no electric.So we went to our houses to use the restroom and get a drink and sat outside in between our houses.It was cooler out there then in the house.So we chatted for a while and another neighbor named Maria joined us for a while.Then at 9:30 ELECTRIC was back on.So I came inside downloaded the movie Angles and Demons .Then I am on chat now as I write.

I had a really good time last night at Scott's house watching the UFC pay per view.Brock Lesnar won, so I was happy.He use to wrestle in the fake WWE.Now he is the world champion in the real ultimate fighter.Then when I got home Showtime was rerunning the boxing match that I wanted to see.Great night for me sports then more sports.I am a sportsaholic for sure.Anyway going to go back and talk to some of you wonderful people.See you tomorrow....

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