Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reality Thursday

Hello,Another day another lesson learned.Phil says that he did not get the loan and that he will start paying me some from every check.I learned never to mix friendship and money.It is not a new lesson but it really came shining through today.Let me get off of that subject before I get mad.Finally went to the office to ask about my options about selling my place.They have a service that charges $1500 to sell your place.They made me aware that the older moblehomes like mine have been selling very well lately.So tomorrow someone is suppose to call me and the come by my place to tell me what my place is worth.So I am a little excited to find out a price they will come up with.Anyway it is nice that I followed through with going to the office.

The only other thing that I really did today was go shopping at Publix.I needed cat food, soda and something for diner.I ended up getting a sub sandwich for my meal.They had their brand soda buy one get one free so I stocked up and got ten of them.I went over to Gary's place for a little bit.I also measured the bed of my truck.It is eight feet long and five feet wide.I have decided to get either a campertop or flattop for the bed for additional storage. I am just starting to look, but it is going to depend on how tall my generator stands.If it fits under the flattop that would be better since its cheaper.Well we will see what tomorrow brings......

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