Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday in July

Hello,Yes I am still writing even if no one reads my posts.I am still feeling about as good as yesterday but I am still here.Today I at least left the house to go to blockbuster and to Publix.It was a really scorching hot day down here in south Florida.After getting home from shopping I put everything away and jumped in the shower.I could possibly be wrong about Phil taking something from my house but I do not know for sure either way.It is weird that it has disappeared and there is no sign of it.Whatever if I am wrong then I sincerely apologize to Phil but my feeling about my living my life like this still remains the same.It does not mean that I am going to kill myself today or tomorrow but I'm not going to live this way forever.I am just not strong enough to carry these feelings around with me, everyday.

Around 6:30pm I went over to Gary's for a couple of hours and vented about my life's situation.He is a good guy.I just wish that I was not such a downer but I'm not good a faking when I feel this down.Tonight I am going to watch a movie and try not to think.I did not make my phone calls again today.So tonight the alarm is set for 9am and no matter what time I fall a sleep, 10am is work time.Going to have to fake a smile for a couple of hours and set some appointments.Well I will see you tomorrow....

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