Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moved but still in Indiana

Hello to my few followers.The workamping gig ended with a thump.Without going into great detail lets just say I was told to do something and then when I did I got in trouble.But, I am much happier at Cassidy's Hotel and RV Park in LaPorte,IN.At only $300 a month,I find it to be a bargin.
As you can see it is really pretty here.It is much better then I expected for $300 a month.One great thing is that I am closer to Chicago.I will soon take a day and go to Chi-town ,This has been a dream of mine all my life.So get the deep dish pizza ready because here I come.I have just been enjoying relaxing without having to deal with the BS that I had to deal with at the other campground.Well we will see you soon...