Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Know its about Time

Hello,It has been a while since I have written in my journal.Well as you know from Thursday the 20th till Tuesday the 25th I was in Tucson,AZ.I have been so stressed about bills and money stuff that it took away from my trip,It was still nice to see new things and hang out with family.One day I took Cory's car to drive around sightseeing RV parks.After roaming all over the city the nicest park at a reasonable price I found was only 3.2 miles away from Cory's house.The rest of the trip was really just hanging out and relaxing.

I get to pay a $550 electric bill this month from running my messed up ac last month.I have until Monday to pay it.I asked Frank if I can borrow the money for a week.I get my check on the third of the month so I will be able to pay him back then.On a brighter side in 90 days or so I will get some cash from my Mom's estate.My sister's and I have to get together to get a plan together on selling my Mom's house and property.Tonight at 8pm I will be watching the Miami Dolphins third preseason game.This is the most important of the preseason games because the starters on both teams play for about three quarters of the game.See you next time....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Well so much for my consistency

Hello,Tucson is still beautiful and it is great to spend time with Cory.I have not broken out the camera yet but I will this weekend.Yesterday both of my flights went great.I was early getting to Houston and to Tucson.Cory picked me up about two minutes after I landed, which was great because we did not have to pay for parking, plus it was much less walking for me.We left the airport and went directly to an awesome little Mexican restaurant.I got a sampler platter that had a taco,tamale,a cheese enchilada, rice and beans.I also ordered a gordita with the most awesome slow cooked beef I have ever tasted.Mexican food was a major success and a great start to my trip.The rest of the day we just hung out and I got to meet my two second cousins.Trevor is 7 and cute as can be and Logan is 16 and very polite.Jerry, who is Cory's husband is just an awesome guy that is really looking forward to hanging out this weekend.He works as a correctional officer at a local jail but has this weekend off to hang with me.Since I use to live here I won't be doing alot of site seeing but just seeing the mountains is calming to my soul.Once again I must apologize for my sporadic inconsistent writing but I am doing what I can at this point.I will try very hard to take some pictures and post again tomorrow......

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monday Here in the East, Sunday Night Out West

Hello,It is a little after two in the morning here on the east coast.Yup, you guessed it having trouble falling a sleep again.Although I was only on chat for less then an hour tonight, a couple of chatters talked about their consistency in writing their daily journals.It got me thinking of the reason that I began to write this journal.One of the things it was suppose to do is log my daily moods and emotions.Lately, I have honestly just felt completely out of myself.For those of you that have never suffered from clinical depression or any other serious mental illness.No matter how much I or any other person that is or has been there explains it, you will never fully get it.You think you do because depression is something that we all at one point go through.But, compairing the type of depression that a well minded individual encounters to the severity of someone handicapped with a mental illness grapples is like having an infection from cold or flue and now you think you understand the fear and complexity of having cancer.This in no way is a far fetched exaggeration of the difference in levels of severity between being depressed and living in a depressed state.

My mind shuts my body and brain down to the point that I can not function.Not a conscience choice but an involuntary paralysis of my mind that turns off my functionality.It would be like trying to play a video game without the controller.Tonight, this morning I am writing about this for several reasons.One being that I think that it needs to be written and read by myself once in a while to keep me from beating myself up.Another is to remind my few readers that my words are never meant to cause pain or hurt anyone other then myself once in a while.So if at anytime if I have said anything that hurt anybody I apologize with all my heart.I am not saying I am sorry for any of my beliefs or non beliefs as it might be but to anything that might have been focused off of myself.On those days where for some reason I feel my butt needs a good kicking is only meant to hurt me and to vent.Dee,Rick, and Penny thank you for sharing your consistent patterns with me.You motivated me with your own stories and that should be all of our goals in life.

I've already mentioned Dee, who is such a wonderful person with a wide open heart.Rick my one true sports fan friend on the chat line and Penny the ray of sunshine second one she enters the room.Others that I have to mention that have touched me in such positive are many and I will try not to forget anyone if I do TO BAD!! No just kidding I'm sorry I forgot.Phyllis you are the friend everyone needs in their corner.Rob, man you and I have shared alot of personal stuff.Deb you are the fun loving girl that tells it like it is like it or not.I know there is a democrat in you somewhere.Nonna I love your accounts of all of your travels.Netters and Mac are the coolest people that I have ever met from Kansas.Of course they are the only people I've met from Kansas.In all seriousness these are two people I cannot wait to give big hugs one day.Their caring and love for people comes across any computer screen.Jake always has something cool going on in his little Texas town.Leno is like a caring aunt that only wants the best for you.Bill besides being cool in the shadow is the man to talk to if you need info.Lisa , even though I have not scene her in a while, is the constant comedian with a Tennessee sized heart.John our fire man is always been nothing but kind to me.Jenny always makes great points in her comments.Joe aka Speedy is just an unbelievable human being.Even though I have never had the honor and privilege of meeting him. He might never know how much our little chats have meant to me.I know that I have come across as needy to him because I admire him so much but thank you so much for being you.Needy for Speedy- that's pretty funny.You are a great guy and I hope I have never pushed your hand of friendship anything but closer.Anna is always nice with good conversation.Sandra is always on chat to short and bringing lots of smiles.It has been a long time since I have had the luck to chat with Linda but what a wonderful person she is just because that is who she is as a person.And last but certainly not least mt first RV friend Howard.We have shared great emails and phone calls.The only hope I have for Howard is that we get the chance to become closer and better friends.OK enough butt kissing- no really you all mean and enhance my life so much.If I forgot anyone please leave me a comment and forgive me.

Truth is one day I will most likely take my own life.I say this not to put up a flag or show I am out of my head.I am 100% sane at this moment but one day my physical and mental pain will be to much for me.So it is important for me to tell people how I feel, when I have the chance.Thank each of you for giving even one second of your life caring about me and my life, it means everything to me.Well it is getting close to my trip to Arizona and it doesn't even seem real.Anyway I will see you later Love Dave........

Thursday to Sunday in August 2009

Hello, Life is so exciting it can only be written about a couple times a week.Well really nothing to report even after my long lay off from writing.Except of course this coming Thursday is my trip to Tucson to visit my cousin Cory.She is looking forward to my trip as much as I am.Mexican food be warned a great deal of you will be in my belly by next Tuesday.I will be taking my camera with me,so I should have some great pictures of the area and my family.My sister Joy is on a week cruise in Alaska.She only had to pay her flight and the trip is on an upper scale cruise lineI'll get the name of the cruise line but it would have cost her over $5,000, if she had to pay for it.She needed to get away by herself after my Mom passed away.Last night I went to Scott's and had some awesome Italian food from a new place that opened.They made fresh pasta and it was so light and fresh tasting.Still living with just the window unit and sleeping in the living room so at least I have that going for me.Anyway sorry life is not more active, but as soon as something happens it will be shared.....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saturday through Wednesday

Hello,Sorry for the delay in posting but there has not been much to post.The last few days have been very trying, living with only a window AC unit has really been hard.I have been living in my living room and rushing to other parts of the house.A new unit for my AC is around $2,000, so that will not be going in anytime soon.I figure as I write it is August 12, so another month or so the weather will give me some relief.Fred the guy who wants or wanted to buy my place is having surgery the beginning of September.This might have been the change in heart or at least a cool down for wanting to buy my place.Either way I think it is time to settle in for the winter and see what happens.August to October are the worst months to attempt to sell a moblehome in south Florida.Hurricane season and moblehomes just do not go together very well.So the plan is now to enjoy one more NFL season on my big screen TV at home.November til March is when I must sell and get traveling.Well I will try to keep up to date on my writing.See you soon....

Friday, August 7, 2009

Thursday and Friday in August 2009

Hello,Well surprise,surprise no money in my hand from Fred.I now once again do not know if my place is sold or not, but this time I am not going to just wait around.I talked with him and he still swears he wants it but money talks.Should have known it was to good to be true.Why can't people say something the actually do what they say.

Yesterday Fred also did not deliver on the promise of letting me use his ac window unit.Luckily my friend Frank had a brand new window unit still in the box.He bought it as an emergency unit for after a hurricane to use with a generator.It is a small unit and much better then nothing but it is still above 80 in the living room and warmer then that throughout the rest of the house.Talk about miserable.At least my cats can stay near the ac unit to keep cool and I slept right under it to finally get some sleep last night.Also last night I cashed in my free meal at Wendys.Boy did they go out of there way to make sure this meal was perfect and it was. Nothing else good or bad to report.See you tomorrow or Sunday...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday

Hello,I once again did not feel great on Tuesday, so I kept the pattern of writing every two days.There actually a variety of things to share in this post.Some very good and some very bad news.I will start with the bad to show it, the proper respect.Mark died yesterday morning in his hospice hospital room.They gave him six months and he lasted six days.I send my love to his wife and two daughters.

In a strange turn of events my mothers attorney in charge of her estate did not read the latest amendment of my Mom's will.I will actually make out much better in the revised will.Now I will get 25% of the sale of her house and property.Also 15% of whatever left over cash, stocks and other investment after all bills have been paid.So that was good news for me.

Another bit of good news is that I am flying to Tucson,AZ on the 20th of August til the 25th.I am going to spend some time with my cousin Cory and her husband Jerry.It just so happens that I needed to get away and Cory's friend works for the airline.She was able to get me a buddy pass for the flight.I will stay at their house. so besides eating out and any activities we might do,I have no expenses.

Some potential great news that I will find out for sure tomorrow is that I think my place is sold.My neighbor across the street has an Uncle staying with them and he was looking for an inexpensive place close to family.He is suppose to go to the bank to get me a down payment tomorrow.We shook hands on it and he seems to be very excited about buying my place.We will see what happens tomorrow! We already have a move in date established of October first.I just hope everything actually goes as planned, for a change.

My air conditioning is down again! This time it needs an entire new unit.Fred, the potential buyer is aware of the air and is actually going to put a window unit in for me tomorrow, until he can fix the central unit.I hope so because now at 9:30 at night it is still over 90 degrees in this place.I will struggle for one more night, rather then invade some one's home.Two great things could potentially happen tomorrow.Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.See ya tomorrow...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Double Post Sunday and Monday

Hello,I forgot to post yesterday, but you did not miss to much.On the one day that I do not try to wake up before 10, I got up at 9 for some reason.A run to CVS got all the things that were needed for the day.At about 5:30pm I went to Scott's for dinner and to hang out for awhile.Got home and watched the movie The Great Buck Howard.It was a cute movie with a great cast that included John Malkovich,Tom Hanks, Colin Hanks, and Steve Zahn.Don't run out to see it but it was enjoyable if you get a chance to watch it.I got really sick at about 5 in the morning and slept in till 4 pm on Monday.Tonight I will watch WWE Raw and chat online.Sorry not to exciting but that's all I got.See you tomorrow...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

This is a Double Post Friday & Saturday

Hello,I forgot to post Friday night after watching some boxing.On Friday the big news was that my Mom did not forget me in her will.The fact that I was remembered and included made my day.It really meant alot to me and the fact that she left me $10,000 was great.I really need the money but I will put it in an account and only use it for emergency's.The rest of the day there was not a heck of alot to report besides a trip to blockbuster and Super Target.

Today I slept in again , even though I was not suppose to, was set to make calls.My pain meds got the best of me today. My voice sounded like crap , so sleep was a good option.Scott called me to tell me Mark is in stage four cancer.So that just made me feel even worse then I did already.Tonight I think I am going to go to dinner with Scott then there is a good boxing match on Showtime at 9pm.Rick hopefully you get a chance to read this today to figure out what time the matches come on in your time zone my friend.After the matches I will most likely stop in to the chat room to say hello to everybody. That is all for Friday and Saturday.See ya on Sunday....