Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Noisy Wednesday

Hello,They are putting in a new moblehome on the street behind me three spots down,So I was not able to make phone calls this morning due to all the noise.Banging, pounding,drilling,screwing and cutting all day long.It does alot to help this screaming headache that I've had on and off for a while now.Well I guess that's progress, in the neighborhood anyway.There are only a handful of older homes like mine left in the park.So,I am going to go to the office to review my options about getting from under the lot rent and high electric bills that more then drained my funds.Been meaning to go to the office all week but for some reason it keeps slipping my mind.Whats left of my mind, anyway.So I was able to drown out a good bit of the noise outside with a noisy fan that I have and get some much needed rest.It is around 5pm now, so soon I am going to make my phone calls to see if I can get some people home at night.

Well ready for a big, big surprise? Are you sure you are ready and can handle the shock of this next statement.A shock to all as I mentioned it is around 5pm and have you seen Phil.Guess what, me neitherI.Called him at around 9:30am and left a message.He did text me back saying that his manager called and asked him to open the park.He said "won't be long call you when I get out"Hey giving the benefit of the doubt, that he had to stay and work all day.It only takes a minute to call or text,just to let me know that it is not going to work out again today.Anyway I am through waiting on Phil, if he comes around and everything works out, it at this point would be only a bonus.Not making excuses for him in the least but he has been going through alot of stuff as well.Everyone handles situations differently. Who is to say who is right or who is wrong?Certainly not me with all my hang ups and problems.I will just simply say that I would handle things in a different way then Phil is handling the situation.It does make me feel rather unimportant to someone that has been one of my best friends.Then again I have the opportunity to go to the office everyday to review my options and I have not so we are all messed up in our own way.

I did call my sister Joy today and had a nice little chat.She had told me she was on her way back from picking up my Mom's death certificate.I joked "How Fun" she said exactly no fun at all.She did tell me that she was going to give me $500 of my Mom's cash that was left in her account.Joy paid the funeral expenses out of that money and gave some to other family members.Do not know if $500 is good or bad but I feel fortunate to get it at this point in my life.That gives me a little security for next month anyway.I believe in my heart that Joy will do the right thing when it comes to splitting up my Mom's stuff.She knows the dire situation that I am in and has a good heart.She does deserve the lion's share since she was the one that was there everyday taking care of my Mom.I could have never done that,even if I was in better financial shape and not disabled.I told her today what a great job she did and that she should be very proud of herself for making my Mother's last year on earth as comfortable as possible.Joy is a strong woman and has gone through alot of stuff in her own life.Donna was there for my Mom as much as she could have been.She moved back down here from North Carolina the end of May and my Mom died on June 29.It was just meant to be that she was there for Mom holding her hand as she died.Part of me wishes that I stayed the extra 45 minutes from when I left the hospital to the time she died.Another part is so glad that I was not there to actually see her dead or experience the moment she died.Donna shared with me that she still has nightmares about that moment.I actually just called her to say hello.Be right back.OK I am back.My Dad called while on the phone with Donna.He found out that they are laying off people at his job.He will be one of the first to go because he makes big money compared to what they would pay the newer employees.Then my nephew Shane called me and we chatted for a bit.What was going to be a couple minute break turned out to be longer.It is now 6:30pm.Out of all of my family members Donna is with out a doubt the best person of the bunch.Not putting anyone else down at all,but she is very honest.She always stands for what is right and does not compromise.Joy is a good person as well but she has more business Savvy.Joy would not mind screwing over a couple people or bending the rules a bit in the process of getting something accomplished.I when in the business world was ruthless but always got the job done.So we are like the three bears.Donna's was to hot(meaning she would rather get stepped on then step on anyone), mine was to cold (I would step on anyone to get the job done right)and Joy was just right(She would step on people if need be but will never ever get stepped on).It is amazing just how different the three of us are as people.But, we all get and love each other, which is the important thing.If my Mom's death did nothing else it brought the three of us closer.Well still have not heard from Phil so that wraps up another day.See you on what I hope is a fantastic Friday....

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