Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sleepy Saturday

Hello,I am so glad that the funeral is over.Yesterday really sucked and took alot out of me.I slept all day in fact did not even leave my room til after 6pm.I washed up then went to Gary's for a couple hours.Phil was suppose to stop by but never did.I am really nervous depending on him to buy my place.He is a good guy and my friend but not that dependable.I know he wants my place but he needs to step up with money. I should not have said 100% yes to selling my house when dealing with him.I came home from Gary's and munched on some of the leftovers that I took home from Joy's house.I watched the race and the Smack down on TV.I even stopped in the chat room for a while.Not much excitement today, luckily.Tomorrow will be boring too, hopefully.....

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