Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some September, October and a little November

Well Hello there to the few, the true friends, my followers! Alot has happened since my last post most of you already know. I went on a trip in the RV and had an accident.Sold my house and because of the damaged RV I'm homeless(Staying at Sisters).And reconnected with & got together with some old friends.

My plan all along was to go to the Daytona,FL area for a long weekend in October.I ended up asking my Dad if he wanted to go with me(thinking he wouldn't.Surprisingly he came.We left Thursday the 7th and spent one night in Jonathan Dickinson State Park.We got there alright but I had trouble backing into the site.So I cheated and cut across the field to get straight into the spot.Hey,I'm not proud but we got set up.We ordered this unbelievably great NY style pizza and watched the new Karate Kid movie.First time my Dad and I have just hung out forever.Soon after we were both ready for bed.I offered my Dad the king bed but he choose the queen bed in the living room.Kind of bothered me for some reason.Not a feeling of anger but it made me feel like he did not feel good enough to take the bedroom.Weird the things that affect us.Anyway the next morning we packed up and headed north to Tomoka State Park near Daytona.The entire trip was flawless until....I caught the awning on a tree and did a whole lotta damage to my new RV.It shook all of my confidence in towing altogether.Luckily I have insurance and alot of good friends.Everybody says it happens to everyone in the beginning.I still plan to go to a RV driving school suggested by a good friend.

One day I am home relaxing and I get a call from a neighbor saying that he knew someone that might be interested in the house.They came that day and after being there for 15 minutes or so we agreed on a price.Poof, it was done.After stressing out about selling my place for so long it was done.Now the hard part clearing it out.Had a yard sale and gave alot to the goodwill.Of course the RV is not done so I am staying in my Sister's house in the extra bedroom.Its nice but tough for me to get use to living in someone elses place.Hoping beyond hope that they finish my rig before turkey day.We will see what happens there.

Last night I went to visit my dad.Its about an hour south of where I'm staying.After being there I got together with my friend Carter.He is from Trinidad originally and knows I love curry chicken.So he picked me up from my Dads and showed me how to make the dish.It was so good! Chicken,potato,chickpeas and pumpkin.Trini curry is more flavorful and less spicy then other currys.It has a little punch but not like Jamaican curry.It was great catching up with Carter.We had not seen each other in a long time.I was actually able to help him out a little bit.He was paying for HD TV but did not have it hooked up through a HDMI cord.So after dinner we went to walmart to get the cord.The difference was night and day.

Well that's my story for now try and keep you up to date.Signing off as a fulltimer without his rig....