Friday, July 17, 2009

Fast Friday

Hello,Today was a fast moving nothing happening type of day.It began with me not being able to go to sleep.Finally at about 5:30 -6am the bed called for someone to come lie down on it.Frank had said that he was going to call me in the morning to let me know when to book his appointments on Monday.He already has a couple of things scheduled during the day on Monday, so I did not want to double book him.Well anyway he was so busy that he forgot to call me and I forgot to wake up.When my feet hit the ground again it was after 3pm.Then did my morning stuff.Take my meds,feed the cats. return phone calls, check my emails and things of that nature.Then Gary got home and we got to talking about different things.I had to take trip to the bank to take out money.By the time I returned and talked to Gary a little more it was 7pm.My friend Mario stopped over for a minute or two.Talked to Frank and found out about his busy day.His wife Marci was suppose to go out with friends for the night.She ended up not feeling well.Frank and I had planned a guys night in, by ordering pizza and watching movies.So there went my plans for tonight.So now I am writing this post and will end up watching TV for the rest of the night.Maybe later go on the chat line to say hello to some friends.That is going to be the end of another exciting day in my life.The guy from the park sales office never called or stopped by my place.Well he might have stopped by before three but he was suppose to call first.Tomorrow is another day and I'll see you then.......

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