Sunday, February 27, 2011

Its me again

Hi there folks! Its been a long time again 20 lashes with a wet noodle for me not writing.As of today I have 25 more days until I leave for my trip.I am really looking forward to hitting the road.Of course I am nervous as well but only way to get better is practice.

I leave on Friday March 25 early in the morning.My first stop is at my doctors in Okeechobee,FL.It is about an hour and a half to two hour trip to the office.Which is perfect because it is just less then halfway to my first park Little Charlie RV Park in Wauchula.The reason for the choice of my first park is my friend Dee from the chatroom is staying there.This will be the first time that we get a chance to meet.I am really excited and looking forward to getting to talk face to face after chatting online for nearly four years.I am staying there March 25 &26 and have a nice pull thrue site.On Sunday the 27th I am driving about 3 hours north to Ocala,Fl. Ocala Sun RV Resort is the next park that I will stay.I will be there the 27,28,&29th of March.The reason for this park is that on Monday and Tuesday 9am until 1pm I am taking an RV Driving School.Dee & Jim had taken the course and swear by it,so I need the help after that tree attacked me.From there I am headed to a Passport America park called Al Sihah Shrine Park in Macon,GA.It is a 5 or 6 hour drive about 300 miles and I'm staying there because it is only$16 a night.I will be there the 30th and 31st.From the driving about a hundred miles to Stone Mountain RV Park.I will stay there for about a week or so.Im not sure exactly how long that I will stay.My best friend Hibbie is going to meet me in Atlanta.Right now we are going to 5 wrestling events in 4 days.The biggest is WrestleMania 27 in the GeorgiaDome.There will be about 75,000 people going to WrestleMania.Really excited about the event and the entire trip to Atlanta.I also have a friend that I use to work with that I will be getting together with while there.I will have a few days that I'm not sure what I will do or where I will stay.Most likely go to a park and just relax after a busy week or so in Atlanta.Finally on the 12th of April I am going to the RV-Dreams 2011 Spring Rally in TN.I am really excited as the last two years I have been sick and couldn't attend the Rallys in Texas and South Carolina.I even paid to attend the one last year and still couldn't make it.After all that I am going to my friend Hibbie's house near Columbia SC and will stay there until the RV-Dreamers Get Together in TN then I will head back to FL for the winter.So it is going to be a busy month or so for me.Thanks for reading along my current plans.