Friday, March 12, 2010

Marching Through March

Hello to the Few, the Not so Proud,my Readers.LOL.I will be actually traveling soon, all though not fulltime as originally planned.This last month since Gary has died has been crazy. So here is my plans as I sit here today.Boy have I learned, not to write plans in pen the last three years.Whoever came up with that saying "Life is what happens, when your making plans" deserves a good kick in the keaster.It is so darn true!!!But on to the plans. On Thursday March 25 my best friend Hibbie is flying down from South Carolina.I know it is a silly thing but we still love the WWE.Fake wrestling, for those that do not know WWE.My mind is constantly going and wrestling is one of the few things that I can enjoy without thinking.On Sunday the 28th is the Superbowl of Wrestling called Wrestlemania.This is Wrestlemania 26, and every year since I know Hibbie we have watched it together.This will be the 12th year in a row we watched together.Including two years ago that we actually attended Wrestlemania 24 in Orlando.So it just turned out that it happened to fall close to the RV-Dreams Rally.My family loves Hibbie so he will hang from thursday the 25th until we leave on tuesday the 30th.When I say leave, yup that means a packed up truck and trailer.We are going to go to just north of Jacksonville to the KOA to spend one night.This will give me a chance to visit my cousin Rene.Wish it could be longer but Hibs gotta work on wednesday night.From the KOA we are going another 300 miles or so to Gilbert,SC(just outside of Columbia,SC).Hibbie has about 5acres where I will gladly plug in until the 7th of April.

On the 7th I will drive the 177 miles to Willowtree Resort in Longs,SC.Where after over three years of following thier lives I get to meet Howard & Linda Payne.This is a real big thrill for me because during my darker days I promised myself that I would one day meet them.It is one of the things that kept me going.I've bugged them with emails, in the chatroom and even on the phone.Just letting them know what an inspiration that they have been to me.Howard even wrote about me in the daily journal one day, which was a thrill and a half. Also I can not wait to meet Dee, who has been one of my best friends in the chatroom. It might not mean as much to her, but I have shared alot of personal things with her.It has also been very rewarding for me to be apart of her going from being just a Dreamer to a real fulltimer.If you do not have anything nice to say about Dee, it means that you have never been in the chatroom.I can not tell you how much you mean to me Dee.Thank you for all of your conversation and advice over the years.

After the Rally it looks like I am going to go up to Baltimore,MD for a week or so.My old college writing teacher and I have remained good friends.So I would love to go visit Dennis and his wife Robin.Funny story about how we became real close.My first year of college,I went to a Community College in Charlotte,NC.Thats where Dennis and I became friends.We would go to lunch once in a while, and have some fun conversations.He is extremely intelligent so I would learn while having fun.Anyway, right before spring break we were talking and the subject of where are you going during your break came up.We both said Florida! Ok no big deal it is a huge state, but his mother in law lives less then five miles from where my Dad lives.So for the first time ever he took me to the horse track for racing.I won my first race and the rest was history.We had a new subject to chat about and we became great friends.After I graduated College, I moved back to Florida, while he and Robin moved to Baltimore.I did get to go visit once years back, but it was strange staying in someone elses house.So I am real excited about camping there and getting to visit by day.Also I have never been to Wasington D.C. and I want to see an Orioles game at Camden Yards.Last time I went I was able to get a scalped ticket to the Ravens football game for like $15. From Baltimore, I have not made plans just yet.I might keep heading north or just go back to Hibbies place in SC.Alot is going to depend on how I feel physically, and of course those good old green backs.We will find out together.

Last friday I had my doctors appointment and found out on top of all my other physical crap, that I have fibromyalgia.I have been in lots of pain and did not know why.Well now I know! So we will see how much I can do over the next couple of months.Good news, I got all my registration,taxes and drivers license stuff paid.I am legal!!! Well most of the time.j/k Had to switch Garys home to my name, and alot of crap like that.It has been keeping me very busy.Planned yesterday and today to go to a local RV show.The rain had other plans for me.Today it was meant to be that I write because there is not much else I can do.When it rains my pain pours and I am just about useless.Well I better leave something to write about the next time. C YA THEN......