Monday, July 13, 2009

Man It Was Monday

Hello,Today was close to being a waste of a day.I woke up to make my calls and my head felt like it was going to explode.Migraine headache to the maximum.It hurt when I just took a breath.So I took pain meds and spent the day in bed.So like I said almost a waste of a day but I am on the chatline now.It is nice to spend sometime with friends.I really need to lean on them and others right now.Feeling so stressed out that it is really effecting every aspect of my existence.

As many of you read on RV-Dreams journal my first RV friend Howard and I talked on the phone.I really appreciated the phone call especially knowing the busy schedule him and Linda keep these days.From my end it really surprised me how well we got along as individuals.I expected Howard to be a good guy, just knowing his personality a bit from reading his writing so long.What was a pleasant surprise to me was the in depth conversation we were able to have.There was really no fluff in our talk and we were able to cover a wide range of topics.Him and I have more in common then I would have ever imagined.I really look up to him for not only what he was able to do with the website but the quality of human being.Truly one of the good people in the world.He has his own mind with his own way of viewing the world that makes him a desirable person to want to know and be around.It was funny in my post the other day I went out of my way to not say that the phone call from a friend was not Howard.I did not realise that he was going to write about it in his post.I liked it and did not mind one bit.I am proud to call Howard a friend of mine besides him always being my first RV friend.

Other then sleeping today,I talked on the phone for a while with Frank.He has been so great and understanding since my Mom died.Then I went to Gary's for an hour or so to hang out.Also downloaded a few movies of the Internet to watch.Ended up watching the new Terminator movie last night.I enjoyed it and the price was right.Tomorrow after I make my phone calls it will be time to go to blockbuster.This week a movie called A Haunting in Connecticut which is based on a true story.It looks pretty freaky.You know I love my horror movies and the fact that this one is true really kicks it up a notch.Hopefully I will get some money from Phil that he owes me as well.We will find out together in tomorrow's post......

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