Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Just Another Day

Hello,Thank you to those that left comments on my last post.You must think that I am a complete nutcase, but at least with I know you are still reading my journal.So thank to my readers at least I am not talking or writing in this case, to myself.The fish were not biting today during my phone calls.I called for an hour straight number after number, but did not talk to anyone.Frank always tells me that Thursday is a big doctor's appointment days.So, I guess they all had morning appointments today.Oh, well ! I managed to go to blockbuster and rent a couple more flix.Since I pay only a monthly charge, it does not cost me anymore to rent more movies,.So why not?It keeps my mind off of all the shit going on in my life.I also went to Gary's place to chill for a bit.

Last night Joy and I were talking about the will.She is waiting for the death certificate to arrive before she can go to the attorneys.I was able to share with her on how hurt I will be if my mother did not leave me anything at all.But, I would not put it past her. When I was 13 years old I was bar mitzvahed ( I am part Jewish)and had a big party.My great mother kept all of my gift money.It was several thousand dollars.So that tells you a little bit of the type of person my mother was and why we did not talk for so many years.I am the only member of my family to ever graduate college.Even though my mother and I were not talking regularly, I expected at least a card,a phone call,I would have even settled for an email.Nothing, not a word ,much less a gift.That is why I can not believe that her death is bothering my as much as it has been.I try to think of good times and for every good memory that I remember, there is 10 bad thoughts.I will post the speech that I made at her funeral.I think I was able to say many things I wanted to, but do it in a way that came across as her still being my mom.No one came up and complained so that is good.A couple people actually said they loved it and it made them cry.Back to the point my mom knew how tough things are for me financially.So between that and just the point that no matter what I am her son.She did not help me much when she was alive, why would I think that she would help me in death.

My friend Hibbie called me today so we talked for a while.He knows its been a tough time around here, so he wanted to see how I was doing.He is also looking forward to me coming up in the RV, when I am a full timer.Who knows depending on when it actually happens I might end up staying hooked up to his house for a long time.Just a reminder he lives near Columbia, SC.In a little town named Gilbert.He has lots of land, with many tall trees all over the place for great shade.I could probably stay there for nothing and just have to take the trailer to dump it every couple weeks to a month.I figure that I will use the indoor facilities for going to the bathroom and showering.That will allow me to dump much less often.The change of scenery and more relaxed lifestyle is much welcomed.It is still in the back of my mind that in May, I will workamp in Granger,Indiana at the KOA.It was where I was suppose to go this year but hopefully next year is the year.Well anyway, I will see you tomorrow....

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