Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday the 26th of July

Hello,Well when I say nothing happened today, it is an understatement.Slept til after three in the afternoon since my head didn't hit the bed til after eight am.My internal clock is all messed up and even when sleeping it is not real deep sleep most of the time.So when I got up feed the cats, took my meds, and got on the computer.I signed up for this service called mp3rocket a couple of years ago.It was like $30 for lifetime use of the service.It is a place where you can download all types of music to play on your computer.The only problem was that they were written in another language then an ipod reads.But, for some reason today after over 2 years of trying all of my music from rocket mp3 got into my ipod and got translated to ipod language.Do not ask me how, why or what the heck happened all the sudden but it did.The stereo in my truck has a connection that you can plug an ipod into it.So that is good news, I can create playlists that play for how long that I want to drive.It is a good way to keep track of time without looking at a clock.You can group the songs to create a mood or just mix everything up and shuffle the play.No commercials, and instant access to any song if you get in the mood for it.If this keeps working then if I am listening to the radio and like a song I can download it when I stop for a break.OK enough about that but it is a cool thing.

Besides that really nothing else happened the entire day.Since quitting smoking cigarettes I have not gone over to Gary's because he is a smoking machine.One thing really bothers me though, I have not called so we have not spoken.It is amazing that if I do not initiate hanging out that he does not call me or anything.Most people I would think did not like me if that happened but he never wants me to leave when I visit.It is just laziness on his part.Believe it or not if it doesn't have to do with smoking,drinking,watching TV or sleeping then it is to much effort.By the way it is Sunday and like everything else Phil has promised ,his promise of giving me $100 Thursday or Friday fell by the waste side.Like that old country song says I need to start hanging out with a better class of losers.At least I do have some great people in my life.Tonight will be spent talking to friends in the chat room and then followed with a movie.See you tomorrow for the start of a new week....

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