Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday July 22

Hello,Slept in again after not going to sleep until the weeeeee hours of the morning.Made my phone calls in the evening and ended up setting two appointments for Friday.That means in three days my total is nine appointments set.My goal each week is to set eight or nine so that lets me get a jump on booking Monday filled up.So that part of my life is at least going well right now.Have not heard anything more from Manny(The sales guy), but it has only been a couple of days.talked to Joy this afternoon and she informed me that next Friday, the 31st will be the reading of the will.It is actually taking place about 3 to 31/2 hours north of here in a town called Clermont.It is not to far away from Orlando, because that is where mt Mother's house and land are located.She set up her will while she was still living up there ,so most likely, I am not going to be in the will.Told Joy that I'm most likely not going to go up therefor the reading.That would be a long and lonely drive home if my instincts are correct.Besides that Phil stopped over and said that he is going to start paying me off and I will have $100 this Friday.He did finally admit to me that ha was having a problem with drugs and please do not think he was capable of doing the stuff he has been doing now that he has stopped taking the drugs.We will see what happens in the future but my breath is still not held.Nothing else to report except I decided to stop smoking cigarettes today.Last time it lasted 6 months without one and now with experience this should be it.I will never say never but it won't be for awhile.Well goodnight Canada and The US of A see you after the next sunrise.......

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