Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday the 24th of July

Hello! Well sorry but today's report is not going to blow your socks off.Did not set any appointments today and did not talk to anyone as a matter of fact.Just one of those days. Oh Well !! I woke up early for me, it was around 9 am.It was surprising to me to be up and alert.Considering my head did not touch a pillow until almost 6 am.The majority of the day was spent fooling around on the computer.Not sure if I'm the only one but when on google maps my imagination runs wild.I take every road on my dream journey's.Make plans like I will one day for real.Something happens to me, a feeling of joy,wonderment,and the feeling of getting lost whenever those darn maps take my attention.Also spent alot of time price shopping many different items on the Internet,Some were needs but most of them were just wants.Other items that were compared were just dream items, that would need me hitting the lottery to get.

Tonight is pizza and movie night over Frank's house.Marci is having her girls night out, so Frank and I are doing guys night in.It really depends on what time I get home from his house whether or not I will see any of you on chat later.I hope so! See ya tomorrow....

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