Saturday, August 1, 2009

This is a Double Post Friday & Saturday

Hello,I forgot to post Friday night after watching some boxing.On Friday the big news was that my Mom did not forget me in her will.The fact that I was remembered and included made my day.It really meant alot to me and the fact that she left me $10,000 was great.I really need the money but I will put it in an account and only use it for emergency's.The rest of the day there was not a heck of alot to report besides a trip to blockbuster and Super Target.

Today I slept in again , even though I was not suppose to, was set to make calls.My pain meds got the best of me today. My voice sounded like crap , so sleep was a good option.Scott called me to tell me Mark is in stage four cancer.So that just made me feel even worse then I did already.Tonight I think I am going to go to dinner with Scott then there is a good boxing match on Showtime at 9pm.Rick hopefully you get a chance to read this today to figure out what time the matches come on in your time zone my friend.After the matches I will most likely stop in to the chat room to say hello to everybody. That is all for Friday and Saturday.See ya on Sunday....

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