Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just Tuesday

Hello,Today will be short and sweet.Had trouble sleeping so ended up sleeping til 3pm.When the meds were taken and the cars feed , my day started.Made my phone calls around 5pm til around 7:30pm and ended up with four appointments.So even though they were done late.at least they got done and four is a good day.After that, took my daily trip to Gary's house to shoot the breeze.By the time I left it was 9:30pm and hunger was setting in on my belly.Got in my car to get some movies at blockbuster and food at wendys.Came back to the house and munched on my burger and fries while watching the movie WATCHMEN.It was a good enough movie a little confusing and very gruesome.It was very interesting and to say the least unique.Now it is after1am on Wednesday, when writing this post.Well enough excitement for you for today , see you tomorrow.......

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