Saturday, November 14, 2009

Remember Me?

Hello again! It has been a couple of months since my last post.Things are moving right along as time keeps on ticking towards my dreams.Unfortunately, my place is not sold as of yet but I have not been pushing to hard.Everyone has told me to be ready for the big push in January.So now that the weather is cooling down part of the time, it is allowing me to get some work done on my place.
My best friend that I have written about on here before Hibbie, lost his father this past week so I feel for him.The month of November has actually all and all been ok for me.October ended badly for me.I spent a week out at my trailer taking care of my 13 year old nephew.Driving him home from school, to football practice and cooked him dinner every night.My sister Joy and husband Mike were celebrating thier anniversary.The weather was really hot down here in south Florida so, I decided to stay the following week in my trailer.So on the Friday of the second week I looked at my bottle of pain medicine(Oxycontin) and I only had 8 pills left.I know that there were 48 pills when I got there because I took 3 and added to a bottle of 45.I always mark down when I take them so I do not take to much at one time.I was missing 16 pills.My nephew Steve who is 25 and has had a problem with these in the past lives at Joy's house.I went in to let Joy know and said"I just want to bring something to your attention."When I told her she said to me "it is your fault,you should have hide them better."Mind you they were in my travel trailer with the rest of my medicines.I just went in the trailer, I was boiling. I text Steve to tell him if he is going to take them from me to sell he should at least give me some of the money.He cursed me and wrote very hurtfull things.I was so mad I told him that I was going to beat him up when he got home.I admit my bad.But of course he calls his mommy and she asks"Why are you threatening my son." I responded"because he stole from me."Then Joy and Mike said it was my fault for not locking my travel trailer door.I said "I came to you to tell you that your son stold narcotics from me and your responses were it was my fault for not hiding them better or locking my door."I then said" OK Tomorrow I should call the police, since narcotics were stolen."Joy in her infinite wisdom said and I swear she actually said this"You can't call the police because your trailer is on my property."Then Mike starts screaming to the point Joy was telling him to calm down "LOCK THE DOOR, LOCK THE DOOR"He popped off the couch while he was screaming, right towards my face.I threw down my cane to defend myself.Then Joy pops up screaming :HOW DARE YOU ." What would you do if someone screaming like a maniac jumps up to get in your face?At that point I was out of my mind with anger.I still never hit anybody.My 13 year old nephew got involved and I yelled at him.The next day I text him to apologize.So it was about 11pm I packed my car with the stuff from the trailer and drove home.Mike actually got in his car and backed it up down the street to watch me leave like he was in danger or something.In the text to my 13 year old nephew where I apologized to him, I asked him to have his parents text me when I can come and pick up my trailer off thier property.
Joy is just like my mother was, and why I did not talk to her for most of my life.It is the exact reason that I stay to myself most of the time.If either of them has something on you,in this case my trailer being on her property.They will throw it in your face all the time.You are not allowed to have an opinion about anything that does not agree with thier narrow view of the world.Even before all this happened, everytime I went to my trailer the only time I went in the house was to shower, use the restroom, get ice or if they invited me for dinner.The rest of the time I stayed in the trailer to myself.I honestly do not want to ever talk to any of then again.I am tired of walking on eggshells to please people less intelligent then myself. I can not wait to move my trailer off thier property, so they have nothing on me.
Anyway, sorry to harp on that situation but I am still flaming mad about it.But like I said November has been going pretty well for me.I am booked and payed for 11 nights in Cheraw State Park in South Carolina.I will be there March 27 to April 7th.On the 7th I will drive a little over a hundred miles to Willow Tree Resorts for the 2010 RV-Dreams Rally.I am booked for the Rally too.I am going to be in site #32, and hope to see many of you thier.Depending on when or even if my place sells I could be a fulltimer sooner ,but reguardless I will be a fulltimer in March 2010! Yippie!!!!See ya next time.......