Monday, July 27, 2009

Early Bird Does Not Always Catch the Worm

Hello,Well after forcing myself to lay down in bed at three in the A.M. ,so that I would be able to be up and making phone calls by ten.For some reason at six,I just could not sleep anymore.So I did this and that for a couple of hours,Then at eight,I broke down and called Gary to see if he wanted the buy one sausage Mcmuffin get another free deal.I very seldom eat Mcdonalds but for some unknown reason today the taste was there.So I ended up getting the muffins and going over to Gary's for a bit.I broke down and took a couple of drags of a cigarette.Its funny I really do not enjoy it but still I try.Since I did not enjoy it, it was actually good reinforcement of another reason not to smoke.But stupid me I am sure sometime or another it will be tried again.Oh well, what can you do if its not this it is that.Always something going on, good or bad its happening.After only talking to one or two people in more then an hour of calling. It was time to give it a rest and call again in the nighttime.It is 6:30 as this entry is written and the juice is just not there tonight.Not making excuses but most of these leads are pretty beat up.Frank will most likely stop by later to drop off some much needed new ones.So, tomorrow is the day that the appointments will be made.I do not necessarily feel bad but I just feel yucky.Something is just not right.Most likely its that Mcmuffin fighting back against me.Nothing else really exciting happened today.Tomorrow Manny will get a call so he does not forget to sell my place.See you then....

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