Saturday, July 25, 2009

The 25th of July

Hello,Today was Saturday and I actually had a good day.Well let explain, it did not start out good, but a phone call changed that.Last night I did not get home from Frank's house until after one in the morning.After putting Olivia(his daughter) to sleep at 9, Frank and I ordered pizza from Papa Johns from the Internet.Just after ordering the pizza Frank called the front desk security guard to his community, to let him know to let delivery guy in the community.The guard was a jerk and told Frank to use the phone service to put in the request to let the driver in.Frank called but the service was not working so he called the guard back to make sure he understood to let the pizza guy in.Well about 10:30 Marci(Franks wife) called Frank to tell him that she had two phone calls from the front gate telling her that the guard was not going to let the pizza guy past the gate.So Frank calls the guard to ask why he did not let the driver in and he tells Frank that he never called.So long story short we never got the pizza.We ate some frozen pizza that Frank had.It was not good at all and I was so pissed off at the guard.Frank is to polite and did not even give the guy a lashing.Since I am so poor I was looking forward to eating real pizza all week.Because of one idiot not only did we not get the pizza but we did not start the movie until almost 11pm.On the way home I stopped at Dunkin Donuts to bring some home.

When arriving home it was like my body just woke up for some reason.So I fooled around on the computer and watched TV.By the time I looked at the clock it was after 8 in the morning.So stayed up to make calls from ten to eleven but no luck.Layed down at fifteen after eleven and woke up a little after four pm.After getting up, feed the cats, took meds , and returned phone calls.Only got in touch with Frank and he thought that I just slept and did not make calls.Olivia was sick and kept him up most of the night.Then he had a busy day scheduled, so he was beat. Called Scott back but he never returned my call.Then I left a message for Howard.The rest of the day I was downloading music off the internet and playing on the computer.

After my Mom died, my sister Joy was able to get in touch with my cousin Gary.He, Jeff, and Cory are the children of my Mom's sister Sid(my Aunt).Well Gary sent Joy an email with everybodys contact information.Today I decided to call and leave a message on all three of my cousins cell phones.Around 9 tonight Cory called me back.She was the only one to call me back but tomorrow Jeff and Gary will probably give me a ring.Cory and I for one reason or another just fell out of touch.She, like me is the youngest of the 3 kids.We also share the fact that we deal with depression and anxiety issues.She is also on disability due to her emotional problems.Unlike me she is married and has a son.We talked for 2 hours and it seemed like 5 minutes.We both had so much to say and so many question that we often talked over each other.It was so great and yes I am using the word great to talk to her.It was like a part of my life was reopened and this family member that has been a stranger for all these years has come back.I am already looking for campgrounds in the Tucson area to go there as soon as I get on the road.We will see what happens in the future but it is exciting,being excited about anything these days.Well hey what do you know something to report and it was good news.We will see if I can find some tomorrow.See ya then......

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