Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What its Wednesday?

Hello,Well this week is just flying by at flash speed.Only two more nights until the cruise.Today was a nothing much happening day again.I went to CVS,blockbuster,and Franks house.Phil stopped over for a while.I upgraded my air card and it turned out to be free.What happened was I was having trouble with my air card and Verizon gave me two options.One I could get the same card I have and pay $50 to keep my same unlimited plan.Two buy a new usb device and have to change plans to a 5 Gig max plan.So what ended up happening was Frank had a USB card that he gave me and I keep my unlimited plan.In other words they gave me two options ans I took the third.Besides these things nothing else of significance took place.Tune in tomorrow for the last non-cruise day.....

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  1. Have a great time on the cruise! Forget everything else and enjoy. No hurricanes so you're going at a great time. (Not too hot yet either).