Monday, June 15, 2009

A Not So Bad Monday

Hello, Well another week begins and another just a memory.Today started out great with me setting 5 appointments for Frank.It was my best day since beginning setting appointments.What is really great is that there is only room for one more spot left for next Monday.Since I will be on the cruise and not making calls on Friday,Saturday or Monday.So that feels good,to almost be done with that.It is funny some days you can not get it touch with any, some days everyone says no appointment is needed, and days like today when everyone said yes, very easily.

After making my calls,I had to run to the bank to deposit the money from Franks the other night.Then I watched the movie Crossing Over.It starred Harrison Ford, who is one of my favorites.I enjoyed it. It was good not great but worth watching.So if you get a chance give it a look.After the movie it was nap time.I took a good two hour nap.Now I am writing this and thinking about diner.I think I'm going to make Chicken Lasagna with some Garlic Bread.There are alot of vegetables in the lasagna, so it is a complete meal.Tonight I will most likely stop in and say Hi to all the chatters in the chatline.Also, I will watch WWE Raw.I know it is silly and fake but it is my male soap opera.Tonight is a 3 hour special, it is usually a 2 hour show, so I am siked.Hey for three hours I do not have to think about my life, its a great escape .Well record another non exciting but at least good day in the annals of my life's history.See you tomorrow......

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