Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday out at the trailer

Hello, Today was a fast day with not alot of activity.Read up on all the appliances and continuous amp power that I can run.My converter is a 45 amp of constant power.So on me 30 amp circuit I can actually run 45 so that is a plus.That is 5400 compared to the usual 3600 watts.Its still not the 12,000 watts you can run on a 50 amp but I will learn to live with it.As long as I can run the TV,satellite and the a/c I'm good to go.Any way I thought that was a neat little fact about my trailer.Since i bought this for some reason I thought it was 35 feet but it is 29feet instead.Weird, i looked at so many and have gone through so much since I bought this in 06.Anyway So I will have a 29 foot trailer on the road,still big enough for me.Well that's about it for me tomorrow is a doctors appointment,see you then.

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