Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A New Day !

Hello, Today I had to get up early.Seven AM comes around real fast when you go to bed late.I got up and got a ride from Gary to my brothers shop.My car was ready to go so it was time to pick it up.Now I have both of my vehicles back, and I'm ready to roll.Was only at the shop for a minute then drove the car over to CVS.Two more prescriptions were ready for pick up.It took a good half hour to get my meds because there was a new pharmacist that ran my cost through my old insurance.So my bill was like 60 something dollars instead of $4.80.So he finally got it fixed and wasted a good bit of my morning.

After that it was home and back to sleep.Then my friend Phil stopped by and talked about the possibility of buying my house.If that happens then Game On, my plans of leaving in August will be back on.It is even possible that the RV-Dreams Rally will be back on too.We will see what happens but this is not a twist that I would have guessed. Still a long way from a done deal, but at least there is hope. The rest of the day I chatted on the phone with a few different people and took it easy.Tomorrow its time to get back to making my calls.I will see you then....

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