Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Missed a couple days Cruising!

Hello,It is now Tuesday and my last post was Thursday of last week.So this will be one super post rather than writing for each individual day.I am so behind on my reading of other journals that I do not know if I will ever catch up.Only 24 pictures made it for some reason so I apologise from the start about the lack of pictures from the trip.

I was already to go on my trip well before my brother in law picked me up from my house.Of course in typical fashion in my life just before they got here I started to get sick.Threw up in the bathroom a couple of times and then once in a bag in the car.We stopped for a cold drink and luckily I felt better.We got down to the port about 11:30 and by the time that we parked we got right on the ship.We were greeted with champagne and Orange Juice.We did a little looking around and then it was off to the pizza resteraunf.It was good Tuscan style pizza we had mushrooms, onions and peppers,We each only had a couple small slices.About that time my Dad and Sheila got there and we really surprised them.We sat in the buffet room so they could have lunch and we could chat for a while.Then we all went to our rooms to chill for a little bit and figure out a plan.After being in the room I went up to the 11th floor were the pools and hot tubs were and listened to the live band.My nephew Brandon went for a swim in the pool while I relaxed,looked at the girls and enjoyed the music.We all got together for diner in the formal dining room and tried just about everything.I had jerked chicken and a curry vegetable dish that was so good.After dinner we all made our way to the theater for a comedy and music show.It was such a good time and Brandon was called up on stage for part of the routine.He had to act like a dolphin,so the rest of the trip everyone was calling him the dolphin.They even showed the show over and over on the TV.I stayed up the entire first night and got some great shots of the sun rise.


After not sleeping all night I tried to just keep on going but I needed some sleep.So after my Sister and Mike went to breakfast, I went to lay down.I was very rudely woken up by Mike who had to watch TV right then.Anyway, the weather was so hot that I did not want to even get off the ship in Nassau, but I got a good shot of Atlantis.We all got together for Lobster night at dinner and we munched.I ate 10 yes that's right 10 lobster tails.In my defence they were not very big but they were good.After diner we went to a really good dancing sang singing show.Boy did the time fly by it was already 11o clock at night.So I went to the front of the ship and stared into the dark nothingness of the sea.I went to bed around 3:30 am and decided to miss breakfast again.
After I woke up I ended up finding a late breakfast buffet and having a leisurely breakfast looking into the ocean.Then we were anchored just off the coast of a private island.They were running tenders back and forth to the island.I went over to the island but the mix of super hot weather and loose sand made it a nightmare fore me.I took the returning tender and went back to sleep.Being on so many medicines,I can not spend much time directly in the sun.So when I say that .I went back to sleep that means I passed out a sleep.After that it was time for diner again.Then we had time to catch the last show.It was a comedy ace that my Dad got called up on stage.It was so funny!My dad was game and played the tin man from the Wizard of Oz.After the show there was a scavenger hunt type game that was funny.Brandon an I hung out til around 3 talking and enjoying the wind.One thing I forgot to mention some how was the sports bar on the ship.I spent alot of time there watching baseball, the U.S. Open and ate chicken wings.
Monday & Tuesday:
Had to get up early and pack.We had breakfast and a last chance to chat.We checked out and got to the car.I got home around 12 and passed out.I slept all through the night.I woke up in a pool of sweet, my air conditioner is not working again.It is now 86 degrees in my house.I feel sick and can not do anything about it.I am so sick feeling that I will not make phone calls today.So the truth is the trip was great but after has been miserable.I will see you tomorrow

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  1. Welcome back! Sounds, and looks, like you had a great time.