Saturday, June 27, 2009

Air Condition is Back, Again!!

Hello,Sorry that today's post is late.I woke up at Gary's place around 10am ready to make my phone calls.Well think again, some how my plug in charger got messed up and I had no charge on the phone.So got dressed and went to the Verizon store to buy a new charger.I hate going to those stores you sign in and have to wait for help.Then they of course try to sell you a new phone and contract.After over an hour I finally got my plug.Then it was my almost daily trip to CVS for more meds.Of course for some reason or other they were not ready so another half hour wait there.So by the time I returned to Gary's place it was after noon.Then it was time to charge the phone, so did not get to make my calls today.
Went home to take a shower and take my meds,Then I stuck on the television and watched sports center.About 2pm Gary came home from work at Pizza Hut.It was slow so he came home early.We sat and talked for a while and then Tony(person working on my a/c called me.He was working on it and needed me to turn on the unit inside.I clicked on cool a it worked.He double checked everything and it was good to go.So thank goodness, I am back in the normal temperatures instead of the heat.I moved my stuff from Gary's back home and did some wash.Took a shower and went to Frank's house to watch the movie Pink Panther 2.It was silly funny but exactly what the doctor ordered.I felt like a little kid going to the movies to see the original pink panther series.It really was nice to just not think about all the crap going on in my life, for a while.I truly love Frank and Marcy.They are such good people.We always enjoy our time together.Got home at around 11pm and watched a little TV.Another day done, see you tomorrow...

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