Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sleep in Sunday

Hello, I got home from babysitting around 12:30am.The movie The Dark Knight was on so I had to watch.I love that movie! It was over around 2:30 am and then I had to watch the last hour of Top I finally went to bed around 4 in the morning.So I slept until 2 in the afternoon.I got up and made a few phone calls.I talked to my Dad for about fifteen minutes.I was telling him about the great boxing match that I watched last night on HBO.It was a fight that you would see in a movie.Cotto vs Clotty was the fight.Went all 12 rounds and was exciting all the way through.It was the type of match that even people that are not into boxing would have got into it.

I needed some food and other stuff from the store.Super Target was the choice this time.I felt like salsa and they have a much larger jar of the same brand salsa for the same price as other stores.So after spending about $80 there and packing up the car.I unpacked the car and put all my stuff away.Then I went over to Gary's house for about an hour or so.Now I am writing this and have the replay of the fight from last night on in the background.Tonight is another basketball game.It may be the last game of the year if the Lakers win,they win the championship.Five more nights til I'm on the cruise.Yea!Well tomorrow is work in the morning and in the afternoon for a couple of hours.Work meaning making my phone calls for my friend Frank.Do not think it will be an overwhelmingly exciting day, but tune in and find out.....

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