Saturday, June 13, 2009

Babysitting on Saturday Night

Hello,Yes as stated in the title I am babysitting my friends Frank and Marci's little girl Olivia.It is an easy gig because she is put to sleep before they go out.Both of them are so busy with the baby and work that they never get time for dating each other.So last time I was here they asked me if I wanted to babysit for them and I said that I would.Hey to be honest I can use the extra money too.But I would do it for them for nothing if they needed me to because they have been very good to me.They have taken me in as family, which is hard to find in any friendships.

As far as the day went.It was a usual exciting day in my life, once again.Woke up and made my calls and was able to set 2 appointments.Then after having a hard time sleeping last night, I went back to sleep around 1pm.I woke up again around 4pm.I watched some of the Mets vs Yankees baseball game.Stopped by Wendys for a burger and fries.Boy did Olivia love my fries when I got to Frank's house.So she was in a good mood after that, and then soon after it was her bedtime.You might recall her pictures from Memorial day.She is so freakin cute! Tonight I was in the chatroom for a while and got cut off.Sorry Rick it was not intentional that our conversation got cut short.At 10:30 I will watch a boxing match on HBO and I figure around midnight I will head home.I will see you tomorrow.....

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  1. Dave, no problem about the chatroom, I figured you got bounced out - so did I as a matter of fact, just a few minutes later. It's been acting kind of funny the last few nights.