Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday in the Trailer

Hello,I am still out at my trailer.This happens every time that I come out to spend a couple of a days,do not want to leave.Well one day I will not have to go any where without my trailer home.I slept in til noon and then took my nice long shower.Then it was time to make phone calls to set appointments for Frank.Made three appointments calling in the afternoon.

I figured that I would post in my journal earlier today to make sure the pictures of the outside of my trailer got put in.So here I am no real plans the rest of the day except to run to the store for a couple of things.I will probably clean the inside of the trailer up a little bit.At least throw away a bag of garbage and wipe down the counters.It is only 3pm eastern as I write so I have got plenty of time to do whatever.I really want to get in the chat room tonight.It is funny my time here is not busy but time seems to fly by for some reason.The change of scenery and location helps me rewind.I will see you tomorrow....


  1. Nice looking trailer, Dave. Big bb game tonite!

  2. Great looking trailer, looks like it would be a ball to live in and have plenty of space.