Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Rainy Friday!!

Hello,Well not alot to report today.I over slept and missed my doctors appointment.Made no new appointments. In fact I only left the house one time which was to go to CVS.Exciting day indeed!Talked to a couple of people on the telephone.Joy told me our cruise was officially booked and paid.My dad has no idea that I am going on the cruise with everyone.

It has been pouring most of the day, which makes me feel just so great.My body must have needed the sleep this morning, because I never over sleep an alarm clock.Must be something to do with the rain.I am thinking that tomorrow its time to go out and spend a couple days at my trailer.Was going to go today,but who want to go sit inside during a storm.At least, when there is an option not to be stuck inside the trailer.Probably going to watch movies tonight and chat a little bit.Hopefully there is more to report tomorrow........

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  1. Glad to hear your cruise is all booked and that you had a good day's rest - nothing wrong with that!