Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Back at Home

Hello,Iam writing this a little early today.Yesterday I was so busy that I did not want to forget to write again.Today was heading home from the trailer day.I thought about staying for the weekend but decided to come home and relax.Not that I was doing alot of manual labor at the trailer but it was time.My sister asked me to stay but there were some things that I wanted to get accomplished before the cruise next week.I spent the morning cleaning the trailer and packing everything up.I left Joy's house around noon and got home just about one.

I unpacked the car and then took my car to go to blockbuster for a couple movies for later tonight.I am beat it was very hot out so packing and unpacking wore me out.I took a nice long shower and got a shave.While I was doing all that I started some laundry and came to write my journal posts.I received a text earlier this morning that Phil found out that he was going to be laid off.It is the latest of cuts by the county because of the economy.So that might be it for his interest in my place.We are suppose to talk later on tonight.Maybe getting my place is what he needs to cut back on his monthly expenses.My luck probably not. So it was a premature happiness for me and let me tell you just how perfect the timing of this news is for me.I am running out of money,I will not be able to pay the bills at this place much longer.The job with Frank is there but it pays slowly so I can not count on that.I need to figure out what I am going to do because the stress is eating me alive.What a way to kill a nice week of relaxation.I am going to put off making any decisions until after the cruise.Well I will let you know tomorrow whats up with my situation.See you then.....

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