Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday was a Nice Day

Hello again,I am still out at my trailer.Today I did take pictures of the outside of my trailer but will put them on tomorrows post.It is late and its time for me to get some rest.The day started out around 11AM waking up and having a very nice breakfast,made by my sister Joy.After that Joy went to the hospital to visit my mom. My nephew Brandon and I went out to my trailer to watch a movie.After the movie Brandon went into the house and it was nap time.

My friend Phil came out to help me put on a new tongue jack.It all went well and we were done in about 20 minutes.He stayed for a very nice diner and we watched the basketball game.Joy,Mike and Phil drank wine as we joked around.We used my fire pit and made smore for desert.It was really a nice day.Phil and I talked about the real possibility of him buying my place.It is not a done deal but it is looking good.We will see what happens.He drank enough wine that he crashed on my couch.He has gotta get up at 5AM to go to work.And I am going to bed and will see you tomorrow......

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