Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday in June

Hello,I wish that there was exciting things to share but hey it is only three nights til the cruise.Made my calls in the afternoon today to try to reach those not home in the morning.I had 3 but one canceled, so ended up with 2 appointments for the day.Not bad 7 for the week and it is only Tuesday.Two more working days this week then I have a date with the high seas.

Making my calls in the afternoon also allows me to sleep in a couple extra days a week.Of course at 8 am my neighbor was having his lawn cut.I stayed in bed but never could fall back a sleep.Got up and fed the cats.Then had to go to CVS for more drugs.After that it was on to blockbuster.I love the horror movies so I got the new Friday the 13th and another scary one.Tonight at my house will be Fright Night! I pop some corn, open some soda, turn out all the lights, and pump up the volume.Is it childish Yea but I like it and that's all that matters.It is 90 degrees out and about to storm so hello pain meds.Well I will see you tomorrow...

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