Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday In the Travel Trailer

Hello,I am writing this tonight late and in my travel trailer.I woke around 9:30AM to the sound of a radio commercial on my alarm.Took a good half hour to wake up and start making my phone calls.I only made one appointment on this Saturday.Well guess it is better then nothing at all.Frank getting sick last week kinda killed my momentum.But, Monday is a new day with new opportunity.So,I pledge to give 100% for the rest of my time helping Frank.No excuses but it has been a stressful time for me.

Well after making my phone calls,it was time to pack up the truck. Got everything over to the trailer a little after 3PM.As soon as I was done getting everything in the trailer it rained with a vengeance.So my brother in law Mike and I visited while drinking some good ice tea.I had not eaten all day grabbed a couple leftover pieces of pizza.Small Little Caesars, not the best but it kept me from getting the shakes.The rain hit a lull for all of about a minute.So, I thought the it was time to visit with my cats in the trailer.They did a good job getting used to being here this time.It is the second time for Lightning,and the third time for Thunder.The first time Lightning was just so difficult to get in the cage,that I said see you in a couple of days.I left a big mound of food and plenty of fresh water.It worked out just fine and now they own the place.

While in the trailer the rain poured again so it was a good time to take some pictures of the inside of the trailer.I took a bunch and I'm posting them all just look at the ones you want.just kidding, it will give you a good idea of what my new soon to be home.I hope you like .....

Lets start at the Front Door

This Cabinet and Entertainment Center is on your Right when you Enter

The Couch- Straight across from Front Door

My Diningroom-Left of the Couch

Kitchen- Across from Diningroom Kitchen with Fridge

Hallway Straigt ahead Bedroom/Closet on left/Bathroom on Right

Bathroom Cabinet-with Reflection of Shower and Mirror


Bathroom Sink and Counter

The Toilet


Tonight was also a very trying night for me as well.I ended up going to see my mother in the hospital.Both my sisters and my brother in law john where there as well.The other day I said that I did not want to go see her in the hospital.I wish that I would have stood firm on my conviction.She looked aweful and was completely out of it.Also,I was in terrible pain from a combination of things.I did not show emotions in the hospital but tonight truely shook me.Nothing good will come of me going tonight.I felt like a 5 year old boy lost at a carnival looking for his mommy.She was right there in front of me, but unrecognizable.This is not the memory that I want of my Mom.I can not handle these things well.My bad should have gone with my gut feeling.

After leaving the hospital, my sister and nephew Brandon played WII.I went out to the trailer to post this entry.Tomorrow I will take pictures of my family and the outside of my trailer.See you then................

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