Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday at Gary's House

Hello,Another day without air conditioning at my house.I spent last night at Gary's and will tonight too.It is a very stressful period of my life right now.Money is tighter then it has ever been,I feel like shit,and my mother is really becoming bad.Joy called me today and told me that my mother was going to be transferred to hospice.It is amazing that I was just getting ready for vacation,a week ago. Now I am stressed more then ever.It is time to really evaluate the importance of things that are in my life,I need to cut lose all the negative influences and thoughts to really make my goals a reality.Nothing today happened worth reporting.

I feel that I am walking aimlessly in the smoke filled fog of the cold bitter night.No light to shine the way,nor fire to warm my bones.Just the part of me that fears the unknown.It is unable to be felt with my hands but looms heavy in my heart and mind.The screams are heard through the darkness.The sounds are ignored and the tears rain.Alone in a crowd or by myself. life mocks me and laughs at my pain.Succeed or travel where time no longer matters.

I felt a little poetic . See you tomorrow....

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