Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday and Ready to Cruise

Hello,The last night before the cruise.It worked out great, my sister Joy,Mike and Brandon are going to pick me up somewhere between 10-11am.Originally I was going to head north-west to my sister's house.It did not make sense so they will pick me up and Miami is around two hours south.My Dad still has no idea that I am going on the cruise.Talked to him tonight and laid a joking guilt trip on him getting to go on a cruise.Really laid it on thick.He and Sheila will be very happy to see me tomorrow.

Today was kind of a weird day.I made calls and not one person answered the phone.THE NERVE!!So no appointments booked today but I will not worry about that til next Monday.Did not do a heck of alot today.Just laundry and charging my camera.Things to get ready for the trip.I am kind of a last minute person.Not that everything is not ready but I pack on the day I leave.Works for me anyway.That is what is great about the RV you just pack it once and everything is there.And if you do not have it, you can get it.Supposedly, next week I will find out if Phil is going to buy my place or not.Tonight just get everything ready to pack tomorrow morning.Well next time I write I will be cruising.See you then.....

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