Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday another Hot Rainy One

Hello again, from sunny south Florida. Well it was sunny in the morning anyway.Then the hail came, followed by rain along with loud booming thunder, and bright lightning.It poured ,and poured ,and poured the rest of the day.After getting home from my brothers this morning and writing my journal entry.I made my daily phone calls for my friend Frank.I did not set any new appointments today,but he did get a nice sized sale.At least if you consider $270,000 a big sale.He gets a 2% commission on that and promised me 10% of that for making the appointment.Over $500 for just helping one of my close friends, not to shabby.So that made my day, positive vibes from Speedy reached me.

Then I went to lunch with my brother and his employees.After lunch, I left my truck at my brother's mechanic shop.I want him to fix a bunch of little things and go through it with a fine toothed comb.New tires if it needs them and anything else that needs to be done.Getting ready for life on the road.This is a big step and I will talk to a gentleman that offered me a small amount for my moblehome.With the economy the way that it is and me not feeling great.It might be worth a little less money to not have to deal with the frustration of showing the place over and over again.Well we will see what happens and if it works out then I can start to make real plans. That would be so nice to actually have the ability to make reservations.

On a not so happy side of the day, Marc once again did not come through with his promise to fix my AC.I already have someone lined up if it is not completed by tomorrow.I know he is doing me a favor but he knows how hard it is for me to be on my meds without cool air.To make it even worse I had to call him after 7pm for the second day in a row.Gary said that it was selfish and rude for him to not even call me.Well hopefully I will be able to relax in my own house tomorrow.Well tune in and find out.....

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