Friday, May 22, 2009

Sorry to let you down

Well I would love to tell you about today's exciting journeys but unfortunately it just did not happen.The only time that I went out was to CVS to pick up prescriptions and I stopped at a Mexican restaurant The restaurant was called Chipotle and I had a good burrito.It is kind of a neat place that you go in and they construct you burrito in front of you.They have different meats,salsa, beans,rice,and vegetables. First time there and I will go back.T burrito is huge and is a little over $6.I also got some chips and salsa for an extra $1.35.So with tax it was about $8, filling and very yummy. I watched a movie called Fan Boys and got a couple laughs.My friend Phil popped by for a little while to chill.Tonight i will watch basketball,boxing and Bill Maher.I will pop into the chat room for a little bit unless I get company.Well once again I will try to make tomorrow more exciting but no promises.

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