Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday and not much accomplished

Well after a rough night of not sleeping I went to bed finally at 11am. So not much got accomplished since i woke up and it was already 5pm. My niece Brittani had surgery today and luckily it was just a benign cyst. I have so much work to do going through my stuff and figuring out what to sell or throw away,I am trying to sell my house here in Boynton Beach,Florida.It is a 2/2 mobile home in a nice park called Sand and Sea village.There is more dirt then sand and the sea is no wear to be seen, but there is a canal.

I found out yesterday that i have a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder. Believe it or not it hurts quite a bit( Who would of thought). Over the past couple of years I have gone through alot of medical problems. I always have had pain in my back but it has gotten much worse the last couple of years.I was diagnosed with a rare spinal disease called Shuerman disease. Had oral surgery, my gallbladder out, 3 stints put in my heart, and several other diagnoses. These include diabetes,gastric paralysis,arthritis and nerve damage throughout my body,have low testosterone, and a couple mental conditions including severe depression. No partridge in a pear tree given here. I promised myself when I decided to begin this journal that I would be completely honest, so I hope that nothing I write offends or bothers any readers.

On a brighter note I am lucky that my dreams of travelling can still be reached. Once my place sells i will be footloose and fancy free. At this point the goal is to sell by August first and go to Columbia South Carolina to visit one of my best friends named Hibbie. Yes that is his name no wrong spellings unique isn't it. From there I want to travel west to Kerrville ,Texas to meet some of the great people that I have met on the RV-dreams website. we will see how it all goes whoever came up with the statement that "Life is what happens when your making plans for life" knew what the heck they were talking about.

Well I will try to do something tomorrow that is interesting enough to post. Life right now is not on the exciting side for me and if I were to write only about my day to day happenings, i might be arrested for boring people to death. bamp adia bamp a dia until we meet again...


  1. Don't let anything over come your Dreams or Goals. Point in that direction and head out. We all will be here following you and I am sure we will meet up on the road of life.

  2. I had rotator cuff surgery about 2 yrs ago and until they fixed it, it was about the worst pain I've ever had. Good luck.


  3. I hope you get surgery and get that fixed. Molly had that done a couple years ago. When you see her online ask her about it. Looks like Gypsy had one too.